Microsoft Interview Experience 2023

Questions asked to me by Microsoft in this year’s hiring.

Shivam Verma


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Microsoft came to my campus this July(yes, it was campus hiring). Without wasting any time, let’s look over all the rounds.

Note: This was for Software Development Engineer Role(SDE).

Online Assessment (OA)

The online coding round took place on 9 July, and these two questions were there:

  1. Count of Subarrays with Average=k
  2. Minimum Adjacent Swaps to Group Red Balls

I guess to clear this one had to solve both questions, I was able to solve these 2 in 25 mins, and I got selected. But I can’t say about the exact selection criteria.

After a day or so, Mail for an Interview came in from Microsoft, and interviews were about to take place in 4 days, i.e., on 13 July 2023.

First Round: Technical

I entered the room, fully dressed, wearing a white shirt, blue pants, and black formal shoes (yes, an offline interview :( I was very nervous, tbh).

The Interviewer first asked me about myself, as usual, and then she checked my understanding of Data Structures and Algorithms. She asked two questions about that:



Shivam Verma

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