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Shivam Verma
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Whenever you upload your project or code on your GitHub containing some secret keys and passwords, and if that repo is public, remember that the users running the file will have at least read access to it and can easily grab the passwords. Always think about security very carefully, it’s important. E.g., you have to always hide your secret keys in a Django application, google OAuth credential keys or tokens, etc.

I will straightforwardly guide you. After this tutorial, you will be able to hide your passwords from anyone who opens your project on github.

We will make a sample…

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You’re reading this blog so I am hoping that you already know what is MySQL and what we want to achieve in this blog. So, starting right away with all the steps:

  1. Create an AWS Account: While signing up it will ask for your credit/debit card, but don't worry you will only be charged after a certain amount of usage of the services your AWS account provides. To avoid any charges check out the billing option after setting up your AWS account so that whenever Amazon starts charging you it will alert you beforehand.
  2. RDS DB Instance: To create a…

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In this article, I will list 10 quotes. Almost all anime shows have motivational lines, but I'm listing only some of them; otherwise, this article will never end xD.

1. Reiko Mikami, Another

Welcome to the Streaming World

Hello reader, I’m sure you must enjoy watching your favorite YouTuber's live streams on youtube and wish you could also do live streams and showcase your talent but don't know how to do it. Don't worry, I’ll guide you step by step in this blog.

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1.Initializing your youtube account for going live

Go to your YouTube account and click on the camera button with a plus sign, it will be along with your account section, on the top right corner. You will se two options click on the one that says Go Live.


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Windows 11 have made a name for themselves, even before they are actually put to sea. Here are some of the unputdownable features of Windows 11 that you wished were there in the earlier Windows’ ages too.

Better Virtual Dekstop Support

Windows 11 functions with various virtual desktops, like that of macOS. Now you will be able to gain access to many virtual dekstop such as personal, gaming, work, and on and on all at once.

Amalgamate Android Applications

Fellas, you’ll be able to acquire the android apps from the Amazon App Store that is a part of the Microsoft App Store that will come pre-installed in…

I tried these steps myself

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In this blog, I will be discussing some methods that have actually helped me increasing traffic on my blogs on medium itself.

Note: I mostly do technical blogs, and the steps that i have explained in this blog did help me. Most of these methods may only benefit those who do product/movie reviews or technical writing on medium, but do read the whole thing, even if it does not help you because of your domain of writing, it may inspire you to do something you haven’t done on/for your blog yet.

Long-Tail Keywords

The Future

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Whenever we go online, there is a ton of fake news or disinformation out there which we don’t even know is fake or not; we just believe it blindly. One might think that it should be confirmed from more than one or two resources, but most people just see one news article and start believing that not everyone believes in verifying information. We are overwhelmed with disinformation daily.

Fake news/Misinformation can be very dangerous or can often lead to fatal consequences at some time; there have been a few instances in the past and the present. For example, according to…

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In this article, we will cover how to send emails using the mailing functions provided by Django.

Firstly, create a Django project so that we can test our functions out.

Just follow these commands to set up your project

pip install django
django-admin startproject EmailTutorial
cd EmailTutorial
django-admin startapp email_app

Now, let’s set the file to make routes; if you know how to do it, scroll down to the Send a Mail Paragraph.

I’ll attach the images of the files and show you I set up the routes; you are free to follow your own way.


Implementing OddOneOut Algorithm

Photo by Manish Chablani from his article published in towardsdatascience

Word2Vec is one of the most popular techniques to learn word embeddings using a shallow neural network. Tomas Mikolov developed it in 2013 at Google. For the algorithm Odd One Out that we will implement soon, we will use the Google pre-trained model: ‘Googlenews-vectors-negative300.bin’, which can be downloaded from here. This model can be loaded using the gensim module by the following code:

The model contains 300-dimensional vectors for 3 million words and phrases.

((300,), (300,)) #printed result, both vectors are of 300 dimension.

To get a good idea about what is word2vec, you can refer to this…

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Why should you secure your website?

A non-secure website has HTTP at starting of the URL. Whereas websites starting with HTTPS are the secure ones, the ‘s’ stands for secure.

You must have seen sometimes your browser gives notification of the website is not secured; these websites have http at the starting of the URLs. Like this,

Shivam Verma

Computer Science Undergraduate @IIITD

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